Classy, flirty, romantic, racy… or just plain HOT?? You tell us your style, we’ll snap the photos that you will love…Photos your companion will love! With your security and trust in mind, all your photos are burned on CD ONLY. We do not send any Boudoir images to print in order to protect your honor. The best part is that your CD of touched up, creatively edited images can be used at your discretion, for printing whatever and whenever you wish! So relax, have fun with this. Your secret sexy side is safe with us!

Please scroll to the bottom of this page for Boudoir Pricing Information.


 Any and All participants MUST BE 18 years of age.


The Red Velvet Package   (price - $295.00 – add $125.00 if you would like a hotel room)

        1.5 hours (90 minutes) session with two professional Photographers.

         3 outfit changes within the 90 minute limit.

         Touch ups and creative editing (see details below).

         Un-copyrighted CD of your images, plus a backup CD (see details below).


The Black Satin Package  (price - $175.00 – add $125.00 if you would like a hotel room)

         30 minute session with two professional Photographers.

         1 outfit only.

         Touch ups and creative editing (see details below).

         Un-copyrighted CD of your images, plus a backup CD (see details below).


The Bachelorette Boudoir Bundle 

·        2 Professional Photographers.

·        Minimum of 5 girls. (Must be over 18 years of age.)

·        $95.00 per girl. (Add $125.00 if you would like a Hotel room (must be paid in advance and is non refundable) for your group).

·        30 minute session each girl, with either Becky or Tara.

·        2 outfit changes for each girl.

·        Each girl will receive an un-copyrighted CD of their images to use as they please.

·        A 5x7 print of all of you (taken before the Boudoir sessions begin) for each girl.

·        Creative photo editing and touch-ups included (approximately 30% of all images are edited, Photographers choice photos only.)

·        A bottle of champagne.




Touch ups & Creative Editing Include:  Blemish removal, airbrushing, softening, color vibrance, black & whites, sepia, threshold adjustment, vignette framing, cropping. Photos and editing tools are chosen by the photographer. Approximately 10-25% of all originals are touched up and edited.

CDs and Backup CD:  Because you do not want your Boudoir photos “getting out”, after the editing process, and burning of your CDs, we (the photographers) Destroy all images! Any images used in our portfolios must be agreed upon by you…we won’t ever see them or share them without your permission. And so, we destroy them…sad (for us), but true. We must do this to protect you. However someone (you) must have a back up CD, in the case the original is ever damaged or lost.

Booking Fees:  A non-refundable booking fee of 50% of total package price, will be required to reserve your appointment. The Booking fee will be applied toward the total payment of your Package price. If you wish to have your Boudoir photo session in a hotel room, the cost of the hotel room ($125.00) must also be paid at the time of booking your appointment, and is also non-refundable.


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